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Shape the Future: Combining NFTribes Gameplay with QUDO Rewards

Are you an avid gamer looking for a game that combines the thrill of competition with the potential for real-world rewards? Look no further than NFTribes, a QUDO play-to-airdrop game. In this article, we’ll delve into how you can not only dominate the competition in NFTribes but also contribute to the project’s development and earn future QUDO tokens in the process.

Gear Up and Conquer the NFTribes Arena

NFTribes offers a captivating gameplay experience where you can test your shooting skills and strategic thinking. By conquering achievements and topping the highscores, you’ll be rewarded with QUDO test tokens. These tokens will be converted to the same amount of QUDO mainnet tokens 1 month after the platform’s official launch. This presents a fantastic opportunity to get a head start and accumulate a significant amount of QUDO tokens simply by playing.

Become a QUDO Bug Bounty Hunter

The NFTribes journey doesn’t stop at competitive gameplay. QUDO is actively seeking the help of eagle-eyed gamers to identify and report any bugs they encounter within the NFTribes platform. This is your chance to become a vital part of the NFTribes development process and earn even more future QUDO tokens in the bargain.

The “Bug Season” initiative guarantees that every validated bug report will be rewarded in actual QUDO tokens 1 month after the mainnet launch. While you might receive test tokens for your initial reports, they will be converted into the equivalent amount of QUDO mainnet tokens later on. Remember, the faster you find and report a bug, the higher the chance of securing the reward, as only the first valid report for each issue will be compensated.

So, put on your detective hat and meticulously scour the NFTribes game for any glitches or inconsistencies. By participating in the Bug Season, you’ll be playing a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and polished experience for all NFTribes players while securing valuable QUDO tokens in the process.

In Conclusion

NFTribes offers an opportunity to blend your gaming passion with the potential for substantial QUDO rewards. By conquering achievements, dominating the highscores, and contributing to the game’s development through bug reporting, you can earn a significant amount of QUDO tokens. So, dive into the exciting world of NFTribes and gear up for competition.