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On Game Character Design: Time to Put the Pedal to the Metal Whether you select Donkey Kong to race and throw around bananas in Mario Kart or take a lot of time creating a photo-realistic wastelander with a lot of cool scars in Fallout 4, well-developed characters are essential to any game because they

On Weapon Design in Video Games Weapons in video games are an important way to immerse yourself in a gaming world. From Super Mario Bros’ fireballs that kill those hammer-throwing tortoises to Doom’s BFG 9000s that tear a spider demon in half, Dane Lyons showed that video game weapons can make you feel like a

WHAT A CHARACTER! In the previous DevBlog, we decided to create a First-Person-Shooter game with a Low Poly style. Now, it is time to design the urban-styled characters for the game. First, we decided upon the look of the characters and on the amount there would be in the game. As it is a low-poly

Creating a Low-Poly FPS Game to Showcase Our NFT Collection As part of QUDO’s interoperable NFTs development, we decided to create our own game as a case study and to encourage other developers to create their own as well, in order to showcase our first category of interoperable gaming NFTs — Guns. We are now