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DevBlog 02


In the previous DevBlog, we decided to create a First-Person-Shooter game with a Low Poly style. Now, it is time to design the urban-styled characters for the game.

First, we decided upon the look of the characters and on the amount there would be in the game. As it is a low-poly game, we want the characters to look cool, fun and a little cartoonish. The urban style embraces many diverse cultures, each with its own unique style. We narrowed it down to 8 characters in the initial phase, although this might change as the game development progresses. The eight character types are: Punk, Metal, Boy-Band, Rapper, Maestro, Electronic, Country and Blues/Jazz.

Next to designing the characters, we explored how the characters interact with in-game weapons and how they walk, crouch, run and jump. We made sketches to discuss internally before actually implementing them on Unity, which is the engine we use for our game.

What do you think about the characters we created?? Do you have any suggestions or ideas? Share them with us in our discord and telegram channels. We can’t wait to hear them!