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DevBlog 06

Bug or Feature? The First In-Game Interactions of Our Blockchain FPS

Given that even AAA games that are currently available to the general public have these bugs, such as the eagerly awaited Cyberpunk, which gained notoriety for having weird errors that made the game unintentionally humorous, you can imagine all the things you need to be careful of once we start adding all the assets to Unity.

Combining all of the assets in Unity is always exciting and difficult because it rarely goes as planned on the first try, but we can’t help but laugh when the most bizarre bugs show up.

If you’ve been following our previous devblogs, you’ll notice that we’ve been focusing on different elements of the FPS game so far: weapons on DevBlog 3, the first character on DevBlog 4, and the map itself on DevBlog 5.

However, we have not yet merged all of the assets, which we will cover in today’s DevBlog.

Before importing it to the map, we animated how the character wields each different weapon while walking and running. Because each weapon weighs differently and requires a different grip, we must change where the hands should be positioned as well as how quickly the character can move. 

It was all fun and games until the character was actually imported into the game, as that’s when we started experiencing issues, since we had to consider both the player’s viewpoint and how the other players would see the character. We quickly discovered that, from the user’s perspective, the weapon was occasionally shown within the character’s body rather than appropriately positioned in its hands.

Aside from walking and running, it was also necessary to make the character crouch and adjust to the users’ viewpoint, as well as to reduce the character’s movement.

We added the weapons shown at DevBlog 03 to the map after the character movement was stable enough. The problem here, as previously said, was to adapt each distinct weapon to the character animations (reloading, firing, and weapon movement when walking/running). Some weapons, like the Colt, the character will hold with one hand, whereas rifles will be held with both hands. Not to mention the Katana, which, although having its own style of being held, will also increase the character’s movement speed.

The sniper rifle is a little more challenging because it has an aim. The sniper’s aim would continually alter based on the surroundings, but we also wanted to make sure it would follow the weapon’s animations, especially while reloading the rifle, which was a bit difficult, as you can see below.

Last but not least, the most difficult challenge is aligning the weapon’s aim to where the bullet will end up, as well as how far each weapon can fire. As you can see in the GIF below, the sniper weapon is not shooting where it is supposed to.

We will be enhancing all of the animations and weapon accuracy in the following months, which will be covered in upcoming development blogs, so that we can have a basic idea of the game and conduct the first internal testing to collect feedback and eventually do public testing with the community in the future.

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