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Nearly Friendly Tribes is getting ready to roll and we’re committed to bringing you a diverse and exciting lineup of characters. Today, we’re pumped to introduce you the Rap character. Rap Character: Embracing the ’90s Hip-Hop Vibe Immerse yourself in the vibrant '90s hip-hop scene with our Rap character. This character captures all the iconic 90's

Gamescom proved to be an electrifying event for QUDO, as we just released the NFTribes website and QUDO is about to launch on the mainnet. QUDO’s presence through our Co-founder, Jona Derks, at the BGA zone in Hall 2.2 brought us face-to-face with a mix of attendees, from casual gamers to web3 enthusiasts. The BGA zone was positioned

On Map Design in Blockchain Games: A Festival Map for Nearly Friendly Tribes Nearly Friendly Tribes, our upcoming game, is set to introduce a new map, the Festival Map. This map is the second in our series, following the first map, the Parking Lot, which had a lot of hiding spots. Although we were happy with the

On Game Character Design: Bringing The Blues to Our Blockchain Game Nearly Friendly Tribes is an upcoming FPS game that we have been developing and perfecting over the past few months. As we work towards launching the game, we recognize the need for a diverse and interesting cast of characters for our players to enjoy. This has

On Bot Development in FPS Games We understand how difficult it is to find 10 players to play with, especially for a new indie game. Can you imagine playing a first-person shooter without anything to shoot at? It simply didn't make sense. As a result, we decided to include bots in the game so that