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Embrace the Christmas Spirit with NFTribes’ Festive Edition

As a thank you for the feedback on our well-received NFTribes Alpha version showcased in November, which gathered positive feedback from both the community and live events (Web Summit 23 and MEP XL Games), we’ve further refined NFTribes with a festive touch of the Christmas holiday spirit as we continue developing the Beta version of NFTribes.

Updates for a Cozy Experience

Dive into the festive vibes of our NFTribes Christmas Edition, available until January 2nd, 13 CET (12 UTC). Explore cool, snow-covered maps with holiday decorations that scream Christmas fun. Effortlessly switch between them without interruptions to your gaming flow, all thanks to our new end-game map selection system.

Zealy Christmas Challenge — Win Rewards

Embark on the Zealy Christmas Challenge for a chance to win prizes in Telos Tokens! Conquer NFTribes quests, ascend the Zealy leaderboard and seize your well-deserved rewards. The challenge concludes on January 2nd 2024, the same day and time that the NFTribes Christmas editions closes. 

NFTribes Gaming Sessions on Twitch

Mark your calendars for December 18th to 20th — three days of NFTribes Gaming Sessions at 16 CET (15 UTC) on Twitch. Join live battles with Telos Tokens up for grabs in exclusive showdowns. It’s a gaming experience worth checking out.

Take part in our limited-time Christmas Edition, unlock rewards, and embrace the festive spirit. Remember, this holiday magic won’t stick around forever. Dive into the NFTribes Christmas adventure before it’s gone!

Wishing You Happy Holidays from the QUDO Team! 🎁🎮