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A Sneak Peek at QUDO’s Upcoming NFT Garage

Engaging the Community in QUDO’s Interoperable Gaming Assets

As an essential part of QUDO’s upcoming interoperable gaming assets, we’re introducing a software tool that enables everyone to create QUDO NFTs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a player, developer, or simply someone who loves crafting NFTs for others to enjoy. The QUDO NFT Garage, which was announced at the BGA Demo Day, is designed to offer a user-friendly experience, making NFT creation accessible even to those without prior experience in NFTs or 3D design. We’re committed to ensuring that the platform doesn’t limit the creativity of both newcomers and experienced designers.

While the NFT Garage is still in the early stages of development, you can expect ongoing improvements and updates as we work towards its full release. Currently, the NFT Garage is primarily focused on creating weapons, especially for the upcoming NFTribes game and other shooter games that might join the QUDO ecosystem. However, our long-term vision includes expanding into various categories like cars, characters, and other in-game assets, all convertible into NFTs with unique properties that seamlessly function across different games.

Now, let’s delve into how you can craft your own weapon using the NFT Garage. After selecting your weapon type, such as a rifle, you can choose to either import your existing designs or assemble a weapon from the parts available within the NFT Garage.

The real fun begins in the next step. Here, you have the freedom to fully customize your weapon by assembling and arranging its parts. You can rotate, resize, and fine-tune each component. However, keep in mind the weapon dummy, which may be barely visible but plays a critical role in ensuring your weapon operates efficiently when wielded by a character.

Once your weapon is designed to your satisfaction, it’s time to define its properties. This allows for full customization of the weapon’s in-game performance, not only appearance. Think of it as character creation in many RPG games, where you distribute limited points across attributes like firepower, fire rate, accuracy, and more.

With your weapon ready, you can review its details before uploading the NFT for review!

Upon acceptance, your NFT is added to your wallet, ready to be used in-game. You can equip your creation in games that support QUDO’s NFTs, such as the upcoming NFTribes.

We can’t wait to release both the NFT Garage and NFTribes and witness all the fantastic creations our community will bring to life. To be among the first to experience QUDO’s NFTs as soon as they are available, simply join our Discord and/or Telegram channels. We look forward to connecting with you there.