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Devblog 10: Rap Tribe

Nearly Friendly Tribes is getting ready to roll and we’re committed to bringing you a diverse and exciting lineup of characters. Today, we’re pumped to introduce you the Rap character.

Rap Character: Embracing the ’90s Hip-Hop Vibe

Immerse yourself in the vibrant ’90s hip-hop scene with our Rap character. This character captures all the iconic 90’s hip-hop fashion elements — think sleeveless tops, oversized Block Bastards gold necklaces, classic caps, baggy pants, and those iconic tattoos. It’s a tribute to the unforgettable hip-hop culture of that era, paying respect to the fashion choices of rap legends who left a lasting mark on the music scene. These design elements give our character an urban edge, making them the embodiment of ’90s rap culture that’s bound to grab your attention in Nearly Friendly Tribes. This character also celebrates the era when hip-hop not only shaped music but also redefined fashion, leaving a lasting impression on both fronts.

A Unique Weapon Stance

But what truly sets our Rap character apart is their distinctive weapon stance — they hold their weapon sideways. This adds an extra layer of authenticity and uniqueness to their character, making them a standout presence on the battlefield.


While we’re still adding the finishing touches on the Rap character, including fine-tuning animations and gameplay mechanics, rest assured that they won’t just be a visual treat; they’ll be a formidable force in NFTribes.


In summary, we take pride in the effort that has gone into crafting the Rap character. With their iconic style, signature tattoos, and that one-of-a-kind sideways weapon grip, we’re confident that they’ll quickly become a fan favorite. Get ready to immerse yourself in the ’90s hip-hop culture and step into the shoes of the Rap character. Keep an eye on our Discord and Telegram channels for updates, and get ready to experience the magic of Nearly Friendly Tribes.