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DevBlog 09

On Map Design in Blockchain Games: A Festival Map for Nearly Friendly Tribes

Nearly Friendly Tribes, our upcoming game, is set to introduce a new map, the Festival Map.

This map is the second in our series, following the first map, the Parking Lot, which had a lot of hiding spots.

Although we were happy with the parking lot map, we already intended to provide players with more options and variety, so we began creating the Festival Map.

The Festival Map was inspired by music festivals from around the world. We aimed to create a map that captured the essence of these festivals, where people worldwide gather to celebrate and enjoy music. We focused on creating a vibrant and exciting environment for players that reflected the cultural diversity of the tribes in our game.

Each team spawns on opposite sides of the map, with one near the stage and the other near a wooden hut on the opposite side of the map. The map is set at night, and numerous lights illuminate it.

The map’s pinnacle is the massive stage on one side, similar to those seen at most music festivals but versatile enough to serve as a stage for every music genre for the current and future game characters.

The stage offers the player a significant advantage and a clear shot at the enemy spawn, but it is also a high-risk, high-reward location since players are most expected there.

The open area in the middle of the map is where we anticipate the most action. Although it is an open area, there are a few objects like rocks, but not enough to be a good hiding place. This design choice discourages camping and helps the game be more fast-paced. On each side of the open space, there are also small wooden huts with small medic kits that provide a little HP restoration.

To enhance the overall map experience, we drew inspiration from real-world music festivals, as previously mentioned, to create the ambiance of a live music event outside of big cities. The surrounding mountains, trees, and bushes provide a natural and scenic backdrop to the gameplay, compensating for the lack of hiding places in the map’s center. The Festival Map offers players a unique and exciting gameplay experience that reflects the game world’s cultural diversity and vibrancy.

Wrapping Up

Finally, the Festival Map is a one-of-a-kind addition to Nearly Friendly Tribes that promises an exciting and challenging gaming experience.

The map captures the essence of the game’s main theme with its emphasis on cultural diversity and live music events. We hope that players will enjoy exploring this new map and coming up with innovative strategies to outsmart their opponents.

As we continue to develop the game, we look forward to introducing even more maps that offer players new challenges and opportunities for adventure.

Stay tuned for more Nearly Friendly Tribes updates on ourDiscord and Telegram, and start preparing for an unforgettable gaming experience!