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QUDO at Gamescom Cologne 2023

Gamescom proved to be an electrifying event for QUDO, as we just released the NFTribes website and QUDO is about to launch on the mainnet. QUDO’s presence through our Co-founder, Jona Derks, at the BGA zone in Hall 2.2 brought us face-to-face with a mix of attendees, from casual gamers to web3 enthusiasts.

The BGA zone was positioned within the Business area of Gamescom, which attracted not the typical gamers but mostly web3 enthusiasts who were interested in the transformative potential of blockchain technology in gaming, especially in our case with QUDO’s proof-of-gameplay technology and its ecosystem.

QUDO’s games instantly captivated the attendees attention as they passed by QUDO’s booth, as the majority of the audience was not used to having good games in the web3 space. This happens because most games that are listed at games.qudo.io were not even developed exclusively to use web3 features and simply added the QUDO’s SDK to enable web3 features without ruining the game’s experience.

Visitors got to experience NFTribes firsthand. Despite the crowded event and some space challenges, people really enjoyed it. Though the setup wasn’t perfect with limited space and seating, the appeal of NFTribes still stood out. Visitors really liked the game, showing that it’s fun to play, and the idea of QUDO NFTs added to the excitement.

The indie games area was full of activity, with lines snaking around booths and waiting times exceeding 30 minutes. This was amazing for us, and we even had the chance to chat with fellow developers. Our focus with QUDO is mainly to help small studios and indie developers monetize their games without annoying ads, so these discussions were really important.

As Gamescom 2023 wraps up, we’re grateful for all the experiences we’ve had. Meeting people, getting feedback, and seeing our work appreciated have made us happy. Now that Gamescom is finished, we’re getting ready to make things even better, using what we’ve learned and the memories we’ve made. We’ll keep you posted, and we’re grateful to BGA for inviting us and to everyone who stopped by our booth.