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On Map Design in Blockchain Games: A Festival Map for Nearly Friendly Tribes Nearly Friendly Tribes, our upcoming game, is set to introduce a new map, the Festival Map. This map is the second in our series, following the first map, the Parking Lot, which had a lot of hiding spots. Although we were happy with the

On Game Character Design: Bringing The Blues to Our Blockchain Game Nearly Friendly Tribes is an upcoming FPS game that we have been developing and perfecting over the past few months. As we work towards launching the game, we recognize the need for a diverse and interesting cast of characters for our players to enjoy. This has

On Bot Development in FPS Games We understand how difficult it is to find 10 players to play with, especially for a new indie game. Can you imagine playing a first-person shooter without anything to shoot at? It simply didn't make sense. As a result, we decided to include bots in the game so that

Bug or Feature? The First In-Game Interactions of Our Blockchain FPS Given that even AAA games that are currently available to the general public have these bugs, such as the eagerly awaited Cyberpunk, which gained notoriety for having weird errors that made the game unintentionally humorous, you can imagine all the things you need to be

Where am I? 🤔 - Creating Maps for FPS Games Similar to racing games, maps in FPS games have a significant impact on gameplay because they define strategy, and it can be difficult to balance the game map without giving an advantage to one of the sides. Imagine playing on a map with only a

On Game Character Design: Time to Put the Pedal to the Metal Whether you select Donkey Kong to race and throw around bananas in Mario Kart or take a lot of time creating a photo-realistic wastelander with a lot of cool scars in Fallout 4, well-developed characters are essential to any game because they

On Weapon Design in Video Games Weapons in video games are an important way to immerse yourself in a gaming world. From Super Mario Bros’ fireballs that kill those hammer-throwing tortoises to Doom’s BFG 9000s that tear a spider demon in half, Dane Lyons showed that video game weapons can make you feel like a

WHAT A CHARACTER! In the previous DevBlog, we decided to create a First-Person-Shooter game with a Low Poly style. Now, it is time to design the urban-styled characters for the game. First, we decided upon the look of the characters and on the amount there would be in the game. As it is a low-poly

Creating a Low-Poly FPS Game to Showcase Our NFT Collection As part of QUDO’s interoperable NFTs development, we decided to create our own game as a case study and to encourage other developers to create their own as well, in order to showcase our first category of interoperable gaming NFTs — Guns. We are now